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Chinese Nationalism and Its Discontents

China must choose between kowtowing to domestic nationalism and submitting to a peaceful rise. Lately, nationalist belligerence has ruled the day. Washington is overreacting, encircling China. A latent rivalry ratchets up to dangerous levels.

New Year, Old Story on Iran

A year after their assessment of Iranian nuclear ambitions, the authors look back. There are still no good options for dealing with Iran.

Comments & Responses

Conrad Black responds to Robert Tucker and David Hendrickson

The East Moves West

India and China's Great Game in the Gulf.

The Realistic Roosevelt

As president, Teddy Roosevelt was not the Bull Moose of his earlier years. His prudence and respect for the balance of power are a model for any future president.

Echoes from the Barbary Coast

America's war against the Barbary pirates 200 years ago bears similarities--and lessons--for the present war against terrorism.


Will Syria Kill the Asia Rebalance?

It's not as simple as you might think.

X-47B—The Future of War at Sea?

The Navy's unmanned combat drone is a leap forward, but Mav and Goose aren't out of work yet.

Mahan, the Forgotten Grand Strategist

The nineteenth-century naval theorist was more than battleships and bases. He deserves a fresh look.


Conservatives for Empire

America spends more than anyone on defense, yet faces no existential threats. So what are the likes of Bill Kristol, Arthur Brooks and Ed Feulner afraid of?

Before You Pack . . .

Greece may be turning into a Petri dish of homegrown terrorism.

Books & Reviews

Dilemmas of the Modern Navy

The maritime services are under growing strain. But is there really no alternative to U.S. sea hegemony in the same form we have seen it in since 1945?

Fighting Men

Eliot Cohen's look at the greatest democratic statesman of recent centuries affirms Clemenceau's quip that war is too important to be left to the generals--even American generals.

Hassner's Bad Bad Review

Pierre Hassner's review of my book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, is highly unfavorable, which is his right to be. But it is also a mixture of disingenuousness, inaccuracy, misrepresentation, and calumny.

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April 17, 2014