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Organizations associated with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Dollars & Sense

Pundits across the political spectrum have been busy making pronouncements about the “real” financial and political costs of the war in Iraq. Most of them are just blowing smoke. In TNI’s Realist, Grover Norquist and Dov Zakheim separate fact from

Cell Phones in the Hindu Kush

Al-Qaeda’s resurgent and it’s putting itself back together on the Afghan-Pakistan border. How are U.S. efforts stacking up? A trip to the region.

All the World's A Stage: America's Image in the Muslim World

"Simply put, America’s image in much of the Muslim world remains abysmal." With the deepening and unrelenting challenges we face in the Middle East, how much has America’s image in the Muslim world declined?

The Friend of My Enemy

The road to a solution for America’s Iran problem runs through Moscow. How to think about the costs—and benefits.

Our Imaginary Foe

Finding monsters under the bed and bogeymen in the closet. Why exaggerating the Iranian threat is bad for U.S. foreign policy.

The Free Trade Debate

Joseph Stiglitz and Gary Hufbauer


A Dead End

Copenhagen won’t work. Obama should focus instead on working with the top twenty emitters.

Sins of Emission

If Obama wants a deal at Copenhagen, he needs to focus on Europe—not just China.

A Green Diplomat

If Obama wants an international climate-change deal, he’ll have to convince China to accept one as well. Is he experienced enough to convince Beijing to join him?


Drifting Into Trouble in the Western Pacific

Hillary Clinton has once again waded into controversy between Beijing and Tokyo.

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April 19, 2014