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The Anarchic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistan's military-intelligence complex is too preoccupied with countering India to mount a serious campaign against radicals who threaten the nation's survival. The country is being destroyed from within.

All Kayani's Men

American pressure on Islamabad to crack down on insurgents threatens to split the military in two.

Karzai and 22,000 Villages

A military surge will not win Afghanistan. Karzai and his corrupt clan have failed the Afghan people. Former presidential candidate Ghani shows us a way out: counterinsurgency economics.

Armageddon in Islamabad

Don’t be fooled by the recent positive news from Islamabad. We face the potential of a nuclear-armed state run by Islamic extremists. The consequences of a Taliban-led takeover of Islamabad would be devastating.

Pakistan Postscript

A post-Musharraf Pakistan faces a future that could include military coups, growing extremism, a potential collapse of the state or a move toward rogue-nation status. There is no easy fix for Islamabad.

Do No Harm

Sometimes our procedures do more harm than good. Pakistan may heal best on its own.


Will Karachi Crumble?

Secular militants can be as much trouble as the Taliban in Pakistan's toughest city.

Pakistan's Sectarian Meltdown

Wide violence against religious minorities could tear Pakistan apart, and the government doesn't care.

Pakistan Makes Drones Necessary

Without a serious crackdown on terrorists, the United States will drone on.


Zero Sum in South Asia

President Obama tiptoes between India and Pakistan.

The Hysteria and Confusion Over Mumbai-Style Attacks in Europe

We will never eradicate the threat of terrorism. But we can take measures to rein in the fear it produces.

Books & Reviews

The Soviet Abroad

A book by former–Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov gives an insider’s account of espionage and intrigue in the Middle East.

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April 18, 2014