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Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Pariahs in Tehran

We shouldn't believe all we hear about the success of Obama's Iran strategy. The world needs to put a stranglehold on Tehran.

In the Tunnels of Natanz

The leader of the search for WMD in Iraq says weapons inspections will not stop Iran from going nuclear. The West doesn’t have the capacity or unity to make an effective inspection regime happen.

The Revolution Will Be Mercantilized

Iran is degenerating into a security state, with the Revolutionary Guard Corps at the helm. The fight for supremacy among the hard-line elite can only lead to a crisis within the Iranian state.

Blending Democracy

The political soil of the Middle East has not been tilled by the Western Enlightenment. Growing democracy there must take this into account.

Losing the Peace?

At the time of triumph a year ago when Saddam Hussein's statue was toppled and the Iraqi army vanished, the most ardent supporters of George W.


Back to the Future in Iran's Election

The June elections have been shaken up by the entry of former president Rafsanjani. 

What Iranians Really Think

Recent polling and erstwhile supporters' criticism claiming that Iran's opposition movement has been tamed is based on some very flimsy evidence.

A Failed Revolution

Iran’s opposition is leaderless and has little hope. The theocratic regime’s violent campaign to stifle all dissent is working.

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April 20, 2014