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Avigdor Lieberman


Syria and North Korea: A Real Axis of Evil

Pyongyang's history with the Assad regime isn't getting enough attention.

Turkey Gives Politics a Chance

Ankara's work with the Kurds and the Israelis suggests a Middle East where talking is an option.

The Demographic Roots of Israel's Right Turn

Though the right didn't do as well as expected in last week's election, it's still palpably stronger than in the old days.


Israel's Growing And Not-So-Splendid Isolation

The more time passes, the more isolated Israel is becoming. It needs to reboot.

Israel Slides Farther to the Right

Why we should be mourning Ehud Barak's break from the Labor Party.

Israel's Sinister Loyalty Oath

Prime Minister Netanyahu keeps giving in to his foreign minister. Who's calling the shots in Israel?

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April 19, 2014