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Benyamin Netanyahu


The Israel lobby controversy shows how some substitute character assasination for serious debate.  American national interests suffer.

Mayday for Oslo

The approaching deadline for final status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians threatens the Oslo process. But an arbitrary piece of scheduling should not be allowed to dictate events.

You Broker It, You Buy It

As American officials slowly come to terms with the impossibilities of implementing Dayton, it is clear--or it ought to be--that one lunge at a futile diplomatic endism is already one too many.

The Wild East

Sinking into poverty amid its natural riches, Vladivostok is almost totally controlled by organized crime.

Tradition Abandoned: America's Military in a New Era

American civil-military relations will remain vexed for some time.

A Pessimist of Promise

If the trenches of the First World War were not enough to cast doubt upon the idea of progress' prospects, certainly Auschwitz and Hiroshima more than sufficed. The holdouts thereafter--those liberals and Marxists still upholding the Enlightenment


An Effort Worth Making

The slight U.S.-Russian opening could continue.

The Russian Elections: NI Online's Continuing Coverage

In the aftermath of the resounding victory of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, observers are struggling to get a handle on the situation.

Time to Talk to Syria?

The New York Times reports today that the Bush Administration is deeply divided over the recent Israeli air strikes again

Books & Reviews

The Road to Damascus . . .

Itamar Rabinovich's The Brink of Peace is a masterly chronicle of the Syrian-Israeli peace negotiations of 1993-96, in which Israel and Syria--and America--once staked so much hope.

Pericles and 'Big Bill' Thomson

James Ceaser's Reconstructing America locates the "real America" in the ideas and values of the Founders. But a purely political conception of America is inadequate.

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April 21, 2014