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The Long Goodbye

Ten years after its death, communism's elegists--Eric Hobsbawn chief among them--have yet to give up the ghost.

Seeing Russia Plain

Why U.S. intelligence has not performed better with respect to the crime and corruption that have helped frustrate Russia's transition to a stable, free-market democracy.

Volkogonov's Journey

The "park of fallen heroes" is the ironical name Muscovites have given to the patch of waste land across Krymsky Val from Gorky Park, where the statues of Soviet leaders are dumped.

Confirmation Time: A Review of Messengers from Moscow

The abundance of new information coming straight from the horse's mouth is unlikely to settle American debates about the origins and nature of the Cold War.


Reexamining Russian History

Disentangling Stalin from Russia's past glory.

Does the Reset Have a Future?

A chill has resurfaced in relations between Moscow and Washington. Is the "reset" a two-way street, or just a tactic to get Russia to do America's bidding?

Détente Part Deux

Break out the bell bottoms and ABBA EPs—the seventies are back, at least in diplomacy. America needs to look beyond the Georgian conflict and reassess its approach towards Moscow.

Books & Reviews

Indochina Without Americans

Finally, a much-needed study of the other Vietnam War.

Reagan's Pragmatist

Despite the questioning of specific actions and policies, it remains indisputable that a combination of the times and Shultz's own strength of character made him one of our most successful secretaries of state.

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April 24, 2014