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Caspar Weinberger

Impotent Power

Brussels Unbound

The EU has "unilateralist" ambitions.

From Awakening to War

Without quick mediation, the politicization of religion could lead to conflict.

Slogan or Strategy?


Leon Panetta's Conventional Wisdom

The outgoing secretary of defense wasn't terrible, but he turned an uncritical eye on U.S. defense policy.

Misreading Tehran

America’s Iran watchers blew it. To make sure we aren’t caught by surprise with Tehran’s politics again, we need to understand the deep republican streak of the Iranian people—and the lengths to which their leaders will go to stifle it.

Books & Reviews

A God For All Seasons

Scholars of international relations have only recently begun to appreciate the power of religion. Their next step is to get religion right. No longer mysterious and magical, modernity has demystified the Higher Power.

Strategic Horizons

Despite predictions to the contrary, America's superpower status remains uncontested.

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April 16, 2014