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Turkey's Misunderstood Moderate Muslims

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey warrants serious analysis and attention, not misguided generalizations.

To Talk or Not To Talk?-That is The Question

In the Middle East and elsewhere, we do not have the luxury of choosing our allies like dessert, based on our inclinations or whether we happen always to like what they say. The Muslim Brotherhood merits our attention.

Process over Personalities in Ukraine

A panel of experts speaking at The Nixon Center agreed: The United States must invest in Ukraine’s political process, not individual leaders, during the present crisis.

Strategic Thinking about the Muslim Brotherhood

Examining the Muslim Brotherhood objectively and in light of its relationship with other currents is a necessary first step in facing up to our challenges in the Middle East.

The Multifaceted Muslim Brotherhood

The essentially non-violent Brotherhood is too diverse—and its organizational boundaries are too poorly defined—to dismiss it as a breeding ground for Islamist terror.

Paris Still Smolders

While Paris still simmers with immigrant rage, most analysis converges upon the same couple of factors, overlooking the prime French policy error.

Europe's Demographic DisUnion

If anything, European-Muslim integration has become more important since Jyllands-Posten culture editor Flemming Rose published the infamous Danish Muhammad cartoons.

The Battle over Narrative, Post-Midterms

Since the 9/11 attacks, the White House has controlled the narrative of American politics. It is up for grabs for the first time since.

Engaging Moderate Muslims-Really?

People lament the absence of Muslims who can punch holes in the radicals' arguments, but unfortunately we won't get to hear this one.

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April 20, 2014