Dimitri K. Simes Commentary

Moscow's Foreign Policies

Russia's foreign policy isn't schizophrenic, especially when it comes to Iran.

Don't Rush START

The dialogue between the administration and the Senate on America’s nuclear force is too important to be hurried along.

Spies and Politicians

U.S. domestic politics played a role in the recent spy drama.

The Secret Agent Brouhaha

Washington and Moscow shouldn’t let this dramatized spy ordeal affect relations.

Spies Among Us

Moscow should be grateful that the arrest of ten alleged Russian spies brought an end to a costly and ineffective government program.

The State of the Reset

Is the Kremlin warming to Washington?

United Russia?

American policy makers need to focus far more attention on Vladimir Putin.

Tbilisi and Tehran

Why is Georgia cozying up to Iran?

The Moscow Bombings

The attacks are a major test for Medvedev. If he doesn’t handle things well, Putin might be strengthened and the reset put in danger.

George Washington vs. Barack Obama

Obama’s obsession with health-care reform at a time of war and international crisis is nothing short of an abrogation of his responsibilities as commander in chief.

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April 19, 2014