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Dmitry Medvedev

The Road to Moscow

Since the end of the cold war, American foreign policy toward Russia has been dismissive of Russian interests. Acknowledging that a country has separate aims does not mean we cannot work toward common goals.

Putin's Third Way

With the rise in oil prices and a conservative fiscal policy, Russia turned from a debtor nation into an economic powerhouse, creating a compromise between the excesses of the free market and the inefficiencies of a command economy

For God, King and Country

Over the centuries, the causes and justifications for war have evolved. But we remain caught in a Westphalian mindset, even though the nature of today’s substate threats demands an altogether-different mentality and a new breed of soldier—or at le

A User's Guide to the Century

Jeffrey Sachs explains why the new world order of the twenty-first century is crisis-prone.

The Bell Tolls for NATO

NATO is in a struggle for its life, and Afghanistan just may deliver the fatal blow.

The Palmerstonian Moment

Following Lord Palmerston's dictum, the United States may have neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies in the 21st century. We're left with a world of uncertainty—and opportunity.


Putin Drops In, America Drops Out

Russia is getting closer to Azerbaijan, and the United States is doing nothing.

The Avoidable Russia-China Romance

Washington treats Beijing-Moscow cooperation as inevitable. It's not.

Obama's Missing Russia Strategy

Long before Snowden, an aimless administration was bungling Putin and Russia.


Petulance and the Ratification of Treaties

Why the Russians must be feeling disgust, disdain, thankfulness and ultimately satisfaction over the U.S. Senate's nonsense on New START.

Yuri Luzhkov Gets Stung By Medvedev

The firing of Moscow's mayor is reminiscent of past Russian housecleaning.

Books & Reviews

Missiles Over Tskhinvali

Last summer, Russia and Georgia came to blows. Tbilisi’s pro-American president believed NATO would protect him in a fight with the big, bad bear.

Homo Neoconus

Everyone knows about Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. But what about their intellectual godfather? A look at the original democracy-promoting liberal defense hawk, JFK and LBJ advisor Walt Rostow.

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April 20, 2014