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Fidel Castro

Getting Latin America Right

Obama has an opportunity to revitalize U.S. relations with its neighbors to the south.

Castro and the Caudillo

Francoism in Spain did not survive its namesake. Cuba’s brand of communism is likely to suffer a similar fate.

Perestroika Cubana

Rather than using the Chinese model of gradualism, the Castro brothers should look to Eastern Europe for cues.

Clinging to Faith

From the wreckage of communism's legacy, the ideology rises again.

One Hundred Years of Ambiguity

Cuban independence was granted by the United States rather than earned by the Cubans. A century later, neither side has figured out exactly what Cuban nationalism means.

The New Cuba Divide

An unexpected alliance of farmers, northern liberals and western conservatives is emerging to challenge the U.S. political status quo on Cuba.


The Cuban Cargo Caper

The seizure of a North Korean vessel loaded with Cuban arms shows poor coordination in Havana.

Getting Ready for Post-Castro Cuba

In 2018, Raúl Castro will step down. What to do between now and then to pave the way for better relations.

Time to End the Cuba Embargo

Trade restrictions have been failing to bring down the Castros for fifty years. Why not try something different?


Only Fidel Castro, Not Sarah Palin, Can Save Washington, DC from Socialism

When it comes to fixing this new bastion of socialism, Castro's got the Tea Party beat.

Violence in Mexico, Communism’s a Flop, and Other Startling Discoveries

If Fidel Castro can finally come to grips with Communism's demise, maybe there's hope for American policy makers.

Fidel Castro Is Pro-Israel

At least Israel has one unapologetic friend, even if it's an unlikely match. 

Books & Reviews

Crazy over Cuba

As this important volume demonstrates,  the overriding requirement of the era was not guts but wisdom. On that score, the Kennedys and their lieutenants flunked.

Making Lemonade

The Bush administration assumed that the Sandinistas would win in Nicaragua, writes Robert Kagan in his massive study of the Nicaraguan drama.

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April 17, 2014