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Too often, the Beltway conventional wisdom emerges without careful scrutiny, before the hard questions have been asked.

The Freedom Crusade, Revisited

Leslie H. Gelb, Daniel Pipes, Robert W. Merry and Joseph S. Nye offer their reactions to Robert W. Tucker and David Hendrickson on the Bush Doctrine.

The Ethics of Realism

Hans Morgenthau and Reinhold Niebuhr--the fathers of American realism--understood that good intentions do not excuse failure.

Israel and Arab Democracy

George W. Bush believes that democracy in the Arab world is the key to security. All in due time, says Ariel Sharon.

Reaganism v. Neo-Reaganism

Reagan knew the difference between a conservative foreign policy and Wilsonian interventionism. Do his soi-disant heirs know it too?


Charles Krauthammer, Mark Brzezinski, Pater Lavelle, Jay Loo, Moshe Zvi Marvit and Fred Siegel.

Realism's Shining Morality

Bush's first term saw real successes and serious failures.  To correct past miskakes, and avoid new ones, America's power must be wedded to leadership--and guided by a sense of the possible.

In Defense of Nationalism

Global elites inveigh against the evils of nationalism. But how will transnationalism save us from bad ideas? It never has before.


Francis Fukuyama, Ian Rainey, Mike Roskin, Gary Schmitt, George Modelski, John M. Owen, IV, Eric Chenoweth, Kenneth Minogue and Max Singer.

Downloading Democracy

History tells us that democracy should not be taken lightly. Without the proper cultural foundations, in can be a messy business indeed.

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April 20, 2014