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George Bush

The Revolution Will Be Mercantilized

Iran is degenerating into a security state, with the Revolutionary Guard Corps at the helm. The fight for supremacy among the hard-line elite can only lead to a crisis within the Iranian state.

Iranian Resurrection

Iran is becoming a superpower. Funding proxy armies, controlling vital energy hubs and winning the heart of the Arab street, Tehran has created a sphere of influence on an imperial scale. If we don’t do something—and soon—Iran, not China or Russia

Saved by NATO?

Admitting Georgia to the NATO club wouldn't have prevented the recent crisis in the region, and could have even made it worse.

For God, King and Country

Over the centuries, the causes and justifications for war have evolved. But we remain caught in a Westphalian mindset, even though the nature of today’s substate threats demands an altogether-different mentality and a new breed of soldier—or at le

Comments & Responses

Daniel W. Drezner and Megan McArdle respond to David Frum’s take on the blogosphere. James Joyner and James G. Poulos look at whether NATO insiders have their predictions of the alliance’s demise right.

A Broken Engagement

Hell hath no fury like a Tehran scorned.


Behind Russia's Syria Stance

The chairman of the Russian legislature's international-affairs committee speaks to TNI.

King Abdullah: Time is Running Out for Arab-Israeli Peace

Al-Qaeda profits from the West's reticence. Israel, Hamas, and Hezbollah are arming for another war.

The Secret Agent Brouhaha

Washington and Moscow shouldn’t let this dramatized spy ordeal affect relations.


Whose Common Defence?

It's pretty bizarre to invoke the memory of Ronald Reagan to make the case for spending more money on today's military.

Plodding Ahead Despite Knowing Better

We are stuck watching a rerun of reminders from past wars, pushing an emotionally scarred America headlong into another quagmire.

Books & Reviews

Pax Californica

America has at times oriented itself to the East, at others to the West. But what we have always had is a sense of our manifest destiny. And now the ideals of California—nihilism with a suntan—seem to be our primary ideological export.

Passions of Pope Victor

As Europe secularized and the global South becomes the new market for potential converts, Christianity is undergoing a painful evolution.

Flawed but Still Important

Mearsheimer and Walt should have included more field work in their research. Yet their book still deserves to be read and discussed.

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April 20, 2014