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The Closer

Every major presidential candidate is asking for more, more, more when it comes to foreign policy. Maybe what we need is less. The United States seems best suited for the role of last-minute hero, swooping in to solve global problems after all oth

Plan Z for Iraq

A community-based security approach for the land of the two rivers.

Middle East Muddle

A map of the mess.

Cassandra's Conundrum

In the previous issue of The National Interest, John Mueller argued that the threats from nuclear proliferation, nuclear terrorism and nuclear war are exagger

Breaking More Naan with Delhi

The U.S.-India relationship has remained uncannily consistent. How to move ahead on this positive track.

A Broken Engagement

Hell hath no fury like a Tehran scorned.

The Art of the Possible

When a U.S. administration announces unrealistic foreign-policy goals, it sets itself up for failure. Today, we confront a very different international landscape, and the heady days of 2003 permanently belong to the past.

A Realist Symposium: Partisans Reviewed

Responding to Dimitri K. Simes’s assertion that we aren’t having a real debate over foreign policy, Derek Chollet argues the Democrats are providing genuine alternatives; Grover G. Norquist looks at the structural reasons inhibiting both parties f

Lessons from the Bloc

What the collapse of the Soviet Union should have taught us about Iraq.

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April 25, 2014