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Hillary Clinton

The New Yorker Casts Its Ballot

One of America's top magazines often appeared smug as it covered 2012 elections.

Getting Latin America Right

Obama has an opportunity to revitalize U.S. relations with its neighbors to the south.

Imperial by Design

Like his two most recent predecessors, President Obama is embarking on a disastrous foreign policy bent on global domination.

The Perilous Case of Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il is dying. Sons, generals and statesmen vie for his throne. With Pyongyang's impressive arsenal of chemical-, biological- and nuclear-weapons programs, the Fall of the House of Kim could end in a peninsular war or worse.

A Thousand Envoys Bloom

Obama has assembled a crack national-security team, filled with sharp minds and even-sharper personalities. Our economic wise men too may be sharp, but with a groupthink typical of a team of neophytes.

The Hemispheric Divide

The United States is no longer the master of its hemispheric domain. Gone are the days when Washington could expect Latin America to bow down to its interests. After years of failed foreign and domestic policies, the United States will have to she


Will Syria Kill the Asia Rebalance?

It's not as simple as you might think.

Obama's Shredded Foreign-Policy Playbook

The Obama Doctrine's pillars have all crumbled, replaced by one goal: avoiding disaster.

Don't Blame American Guns for Mexico's Drug War

Drug violence stems from drug prohibition. Tighter gun laws won't change that.


Michele Bachmann's Plot To Defame Huma Abedin

The congresswoman and her conspiracy-theorist confreres are fighting phantasms. 

The Illusions of Secretary Clinton's Trip

Diplomatic decorum masked severe tensions in Egypt and Israel.

Will Hillary Run In 2016—Or Will Obama?

If Romney wins in 2012, he could face any one of three Obama-administration veterans on his way to a second term.

Books & Reviews

Battle Hymn of the Diplomats

Awash in Wilsonian hubris, the State Department’s meandering and militaristic QDDR will ensure Foggy Bottom remains second-rate—both inside the Beltway and overseas.

The Soviet Abroad

A book by former–Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov gives an insider’s account of espionage and intrigue in the Middle East.

Machiavelli Revisited

With great power comes great responsibility. But Washington is adrift and our country in search of a strategy. Foreign-policy heavyweight Les Gelb wittily channels a master to update the classic realpolitik definition of power.

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April 16, 2014