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Ian Bremmer

Report and Retort: A World Without the West

Developing countries are going their own way, and they're doing it without the West. Weber, Barma and Ratner strike first.

Beyond Bombs and Ballots

Military misadventures in Iraq should not discredit democracy promotion.

Revisiting Iran

The United States must find new and innovative ways to avoid the trap of a dead-end policy towards Iran. A roundtable discussion.

New Innovation Challengers

Multinationals in China and India are seeking more sustainable competitive advantages by shifting from imitation to innovation.

The Gramercy Round: China Goes Global: Implications for the United States

What will China’s growing international economic clout mean for the United States? A roundtable discussion with Harry Harding, Ian Bremmer, Thomas Stewart, David Lipton, Robert D. Hormats, Robert Friedman, Joel Rosenthal, Nader Mousavizadeh, Ruchi


The Leaderless Middle East

Nobody's in charge, leading to chaos for American interests. Promoting the emergence of a friendly power is key.

Pervez's Precarious Position

Pervez Musharraf seems to think his grip on power is relatively secure, as demonstrated by his recent trip to Saudi Arabia. But given the volatile political situation he faces, can he really stay in office much longer?

Talking Iran at the UNSC Table

Without Iran suspending enrichment, August's IAEA report will play into the hands of the next UN Security Council resolution.

Books & Reviews

Reading Tarot on K Street

Who doesn’t want to know whether the Dow will close above ten thousand at year’s end, whether the Saudis can maintain their oil production, whether China will rise and Russia will fall, or whether a new dictator lurks in the Middle East?

Books: Some Unconventional Wisdom

A review of The J Curve by Ian Bremmer and Winning the Un-War by Charles Peña.  Two authors turn their critical, discerning eye on the foibles of U.S. counter-terror and nation-building strategy. Just one offers a constructive course

Strategic Horizons

Despite predictions to the contrary, America's superpower status remains uncontested.

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April 16, 2014