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Joe Biden

Beyond the Russian Reset

A period of apparent warming between Moscow and Washington has fallen apart as underlying troubles remain unaddressed.

Israel's Fraying Image

There are growing signs of a divergence in American-Israeli relations and interests. 

A Thousand Envoys Bloom

Obama has assembled a crack national-security team, filled with sharp minds and even-sharper personalities. Our economic wise men too may be sharp, but with a groupthink typical of a team of neophytes.

The Ascension

The creation of Barack Obama’s legacy will play out against three fundamental backdrops: America’s financial crisis; the ability to shore up the power of the United States; and the willingness of Joe Q. Public to spend blood and treasure beyond ou


The Degraded Correspondents' Dinner

It wasn't always about Hollywood celebrities and swag bags.

Obama vs. the Hawks on Iran

How Obama's opaque Iran policy is lending feul to the fire of bellicose GOP contenders and their Israeli allies.

Dancing with Russia

Improving relations with Moscow is all well and good—but not at the expense of U.S. national security.


The Flawed Consensus on Afghanistan

How hawks are preparing Americans for the potential of a prolonged guerilla war in Afghanistan.

Why Is Joe Biden Charging the Secret Service Rent?

The great denouncer of misspent government dollars knows whereof he speaks.

Is Obama's Comeback for Real?

Will the Republicans be able to stop President Obama before 2012?

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April 18, 2014