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John F. Kennedy

When Camelot Went to Japan

RFK's public-diplomacy trip turned the relationship around.

JFK's Overshadowed Crisis

In October 1962, Kennedy confronted both the Cuban missile crisis and a war between China and India. Though Cuba got more attention then and now, that Asian crisis still holds valuable diplomatic lessons.

If Israel Attacks

As things stand, if Iran continues on its path toward obtaining the bomb, Israel will strike, and the consequences would be disastrous for the entire world. Here's how America can convince Israel to live with a nuclear Iran.

War From Cyberspace

As Obama appoints Howard A. Schmidt to a new cybersecurity post, former cyberczar Richard Clarke shows America is the most vulnerable country in the world.

Shades of Abu Ghraib

The grisly subject of torture is back with us again. A look back at the dark days of de Gaulle's struggle to hold onto Algeria reveals consequences that echo loudly in our newest fight to retain what it means to be civilized.

The President's Man

McGeorge Bundy’s honest reversal on Vietnam contrasts with the Bush team’s unwillingness to look back—or forward.


A New Declaration of Interdependence

A survey of key actors shows readiness for the trade pact with Europe.

Obama Should Call for German Leadership

The United States needs a strong Europe, and Germany is the only state that can deliver it.

Why Americans Don't Understand Palestine

The media has consistently emphasized Israel's perspective on the Gaza conflict.


The Rise of Donald Trump

With his tough talk and his take-no-prisoners attitude, Trump is playing the part of a modern-day John Wayne.

Religion, the Stimulant of the People

An Ark-based theme park in Kentucky—not to mention Sarah Palin's criticism of JFK—is a threat to the bedrock American principle separating Church and State.

Books & Reviews

Revolutionaries Inside the Capitol

America's founding is a gripping tale of rivalry, treachery and ultimately triumph. The divisive politics of today are nothing compared to those now celebrated on the cliffs of Mt. Rushmore.

Democracy & Its Discontents

The inevitability of republicanism as the answer to infinite governmental woes seemed clear. Yet the belief that the world abhors an ideological vacuum was mistaken.

An American Monarch

Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court is just the latest in a long history of presidential power grabs. Gordon Wood dissects John Yoo.

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April 23, 2014