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John Foster Dulles

Republican Reckoning

Mismanaged for eight years by the Bush administration, the Republican Party is in peril. Neoconservative table scraps are neither appropriate nor wise. But the GOP has another foreign-policy tradition to which it can turn. Presidents from Eisenhow

Containing Europe

America and Europe compete to influence the international system. The U.S. response should be a new formulation of an old strategy.


Learning the Wrong Lessons from Ike

Chuck Hagel's support of Eisenhower's handling of the 1956 Suez Crisis overlooks the American complacency that led to the war.

Reid's McCarthyite Screed

Harry Reid's baseless accusation about Romney's taxes sounds the death knell for senatorial courtesy. 

The World According to Dwight

President Eisenhower's farewell speech was as much a paean to fiscal conservatism as any kind of attack on the "military-industrial complex."


Populist Discontent in Tunisia

Washington should seize the opportunity presented by Tunisia to push its autocratic allies toward economic and political reform.

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April 16, 2014