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Joseph Lieberman

Ahead of the Curve: The TNI Archives

Six-party talks over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program are set to resume this Thursday on the heels of failed talks in December and Kim Jong-il’s provocative nuclear test in October. TNI takes a look back at other crucial junctures in A

The Politics of Quagmire

The Republicans’ loss is not necessarily the Democrats’ gain.

The Politics of Quagmire

The Republicans’ loss is not necessarily the Democrats’ gain.

Living with the Unthinkable

A nuclear North Korea is inevitable. Coexist and contain.

Advisors, Czars and Councils: Organizing for Homeland Security

The task of homeland security is too important to trust to schemes for organizational centralization.

Defending the Faiths

Global religious persecution increased during the 1990s, but not as rapidly as America's awareness of it. The proper place of religious freedom in the hierarchy of U.S. foreign policy concerns.


A Lincoln Brigade for Syria

It is time to say no to more unnecessary wars. If some people can’t wait to start another one, they should be the ones to fight it.

Bad Clients

The Ahmed Chalabi fiasco is just the latest chapter in America’s long history of being duped by foreign political actors.

Radio Free Iran

Iran’s brutal crackdown on reformist protestors can’t stop the flow of information. International news services are feeding Iranians with a diet of unbiased information—and could contribute to the collapse of the regime.


Serial Innumeracy on Homeland Security

We are asking the wrong questions when it comes to our safety.

The Senate's Interventionist Caucus and Libya

The Senate is trying yet again to rein in Obama's foreign policy. This time the criticism is from both sides of the aisle.

Empowering the Body Snatchers: Washington’s Appalling Kosovo Policy

All the war for Kosovo got everyone was yet another corrupt, genocidal, economically dysfunctional international ward.

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April 18, 2014