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The Limits of Trust

Although the syllogism conveys the essence of Fukuyama's argument, it does so at the cost of neglecting the book's broad sweep, sharp insights, and wide-ranging scholarship.

Look, No Tocqueville

Michael Lind's first book is the "first manifesto" of a "real, not merely metaphorical revolution in politics and society" leading to a new America to be known as Trans-America.

European Hamiltonians

François Duchêne, Jean Monnet: The First Statesman of Interdependence (New York: W.

'If Men Were Angels. . . ' : Reflections on the World of Eric Hobsbawm

Historians have recently begun to see the twentieth century as lasting from 1914 to 1989 (the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe) or to 1991 (the end of the Soviet Union), what Eric Hobsbawm in his new book calls "the short twentieth century.

The Future of Equality

Thomas Sowell's Race and Culture provides ample documentation as to the importance of culture as a component of human capital, one that is critical in determining individual and national performance. In his usual feisty way, Sowell is eager to deb

Wyatt Usurped

It is hard now for any director to have as foursquare a vision of civilization as John Ford did. Many contemporary directors have tried to revive the Western but they tend to get whipsawed by conflicting cultural vectors.

Beyond Bolivar

Just why is Latin America the way it is? Indeed why is it not like anywhere else? The questions are addressed by three Latin American authors.

A Dubious Partnership; Review of Fred C. Ikle and Sergei A. Karaganov, (co-chairs), Harmonizing the Evolution of U.S. and Russian Defense Policies

At one time conservatives like Castlereagh, nationalists like Bismarck and internationalists like Gladstone were all convinced that international order would be torn apart unless the interests of Great Powers were respected and kept in balance. Th

Servants, Masters, and the Art of Bantering

There is something indescribably wrong, we're compelled to feel, about a man completely enslaving his spirit to that of another man. The Remains of the Day, in both its literary and movie form, tells a highly didactic story. With all the respect d

An Idea of Britain

From this memoir we learn just how confident Margaret Thatcher is in her understanding of Britain's problems and her ability to find solutions. She knows her strengths.

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April 20, 2014