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L. Paul Bremer

Dreams of Babylon

Iraq is not yesterday’s war. If Obama withdraws too quickly, the tenuous peace will collapse.

Patient Stabilized?

Iraq may be emerging from intensive care, but it could use a bit more stitching up.

Invasive Procedures

Saving Iraq and Afghanistan will require some extensive operations.


Bosnian Lessons

What are the prospects for success in Iraq and Afghanistan? Our nation-building record in Bosnia and Kosovo isn’t encouraging.

Iraq in Perspective

Amidst all the talk of troop numbers, drawdowns and militia crackdowns, TNI makes sense of the Iraq situation.

Books & Reviews

Bridge On The River Euphrates

The much-vaunted surge has made Iraq safer. But more boots in the desert is not the only reason security has improved. As U.S. forces get ready to leave, we have to face some inconvenient political realities.

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April 20, 2014