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Leon Panetta

Unintelligent Design

In the wake of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Americans cried out for catharsis. The 9/11 Commission delivered. What we are left with is an ill-conceived bureacracy in the guise of reform.

For God, King and Country

Over the centuries, the causes and justifications for war have evolved. But we remain caught in a Westphalian mindset, even though the nature of today’s substate threats demands an altogether-different mentality and a new breed of soldier—or at le

From Awakening to War

Without quick mediation, the politicization of religion could lead to conflict.

Religion and the West

American religiosity and European secularity spring from the same source.

Keeping Terror Out

If gardeners and housemaids can cross our porous borders, so can Al-Qaeda operatives.


Poland and America Need a Fresh Start

Washington should stop snubbing Warsaw.

The Risk of Blurring the Red Lines

Going back on declarations inclines others to test U.S. resolve.

Is the Climate the Biggest Threat?

Senior defense officials' strange priorities.


Drones, Special Operations and Whimsical Wars

Congress should spend less time policing leaks about the president's unilateral exercise of war powers and more time restraining them.

About that Pivot to Asia

Washington seems unsure of its goals for increased engagement in the Asia-Pacific region.

Arms Reduction: Just Do It

Contrary to Panetta's claims, there is no need to reach complicated agreements before getting rid of unnecessary weapons.

Books & Reviews

Passions of Pope Victor

As Europe secularized and the global South becomes the new market for potential converts, Christianity is undergoing a painful evolution.

How to Fight Terrorism

Radical Islam is its own worst enemy. It will marginalize itself unless the United States overreacts.

A People of Extraordinary Contradictions

A history of the Hungarians, by a Hungarian, for everyone.

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April 21, 2014