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Leonid Kuchma

Whither Kazakhstan?

The Specter of a "Colored Revolution"Kazakhstan's scheduled December 4, 2005 presidential election brings two major questions into focus for this Central Asian state.

On Liberty

If you want democracy for a week, invade. If you want it for a decade, occupy. If you want it for a lifetime, take up gardening.

Left Behind

If freedom, democracy and prosperity are to take root in Ukraine, the West must play a more active role--for the effects of failure will extend beyond its borders.

Potemkin Democracy

Georgia's image in the West is belied by the reality on the ground.

Russian Aid (II)

U.S. aid to Russia should promote U.S. foreign policy interests and help the Russians help themselves.


Beyond the Spook Spat: An Expose, and Prophecy, of Russia's Gas Policy

There’s more than Cold-War nostalgia in the fascination with the Russia-Georgia face-off. The West looks for signs of Moscow’s energy-policy temperament.

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April 19, 2014