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Mahmoud Abbas

The Deepening Chaos in Sinai

A security vacuum in the Egyptian peninsula has created a dangerous haven for terrorists and all sorts of illicit actors.

Israel's New Politics and the Fate of Palestine

Geography and demography now trump democracy in Israel. The country pays lip service to the two-state solution while steadily appropriating the land it wants in the occupied territories.

Fatah Resurrected

Abbas sits atop a newly invigorated Palestinian Authority; the West Bank is completely secure. They want peace but will adopt a one-state solution if Netanyahu turns his back on Palestinian progress. Israel must act now.

Ahead of the Curve: Roadmap Revival?

The way forward is to concentrate on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which, because the many problems of the region are so interlinked, can create, in turn, momentum for dealing with the other regional disputes that feed it.

The Ambiguous Way Forward

Sharon got out of Gaza. Now what?

Blending Democracy

The political soil of the Middle East has not been tilled by the Western Enlightenment. Growing democracy there must take this into account.


Palestine's Plan B

If negotiations break down, the Palestinians plan to internationalize the dispute.

Hamas Having Horrible Year

The once-powerful movement is losing friends left and right.

Move Fast on Jerusalem

The hardest issue in the peace process needs to be resolved before settlements make it unresolvable. 


Hamas Presents an Opportunity

If Israel and the U.S. are truly interested in Israeli-Palestinian peace, they must seize this moment.

Israeli-Palestinian Diplomacy is Alive

Why the prisoner-swap deal offers a glimmer of hope.

Abu Mazen's Observations

Criticize Abbas as much as you want for his tactics or his selectivity in emphasizing some facts rather than others. But some of the important things he says are simply undeniable.

Books & Reviews

Revisionism on the West Bank

For many, Israel’s founding is shrouded in mysticism. But there is a battle raging among the historians of the Holy Land. The current stalemate is a story of bad actions on both sides. Beware those who rewrite narratives.

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April 17, 2014