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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad vs. The Ayatollah

A battle royal between the president and the supreme leader has engulfed Tehran. The result? Khamenei and his allies are methodically and ruthlessly establishing the planet’s most unabashed theocratic despotism.

Israel's Fight-or-Flight Response

A nuclear Iran may not be the biggest threat to Israel. Fear is a danger in and of itself.

Our Imaginary Foe

Finding monsters under the bed and bogeymen in the closet. Why exaggerating the Iranian threat is bad for U.S. foreign policy.

Pax Corleone

How to make our adversaries and allies offers they can’t refuse. As threats to U.S. dominance emerge, Washington is looking for a way to counter them. Neocons, liberals and realists all have their own ideas about that. Who will win out?

The Three Rs: Rivalry, Russia, 'Ran

If we want to calm Iran's nuclear ambitions, we're going to need to brush up on our diplomatic basics.

New Year, Old Story on Iran

A year after their assessment of Iranian nuclear ambitions, the authors look back. There are still no good options for dealing with Iran.


Bomb Syria to Intimidate Iran: Recycling a Bad Idea

The hawks are unhappy that Washington and Damascus haven't come to blows.

Rowhani the Decision Shaper

The Supreme Leader has the final say, but Iran's new president can do much to guide his choices.

Troublesome Erdogan Feeding on U.S. Indulgence

The Turkish headman is on a counterproductive path.


The Iranian Dog That Isn't Barking

Gas prices jump 400 percent and Iranians just shrug. So much for being on the brink of revolution.

The Dangerous Ahmadinejad Visit to Lebanon

Is Iran more than a paper tiger?

Fidel Castro Is Pro-Israel

At least Israel has one unapologetic friend, even if it's an unlikely match. 

Books & Reviews

Botching Iran

With regards to Tehran, it is America that has been the constant bungler.

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April 16, 2014