Marcus Aurelius Commentary

Ron Asmus Responds to Heilbrunn

Ron Asmus says Jacob Heilbrunn misread Central and Eastern European leaders’ missives to the Obama administration—and the role of the German Marshall Fund.

Yalta Redux

The Eastern Europeans have been up in arms over Obama’s “reset” with Russia. Are the liberal hawks helping foster the myth of a second Yalta?

Obama's Sins of Omission

A scathing domestic dispute over health care is no reason for Obama to abandon his foreign-policy responsibilities. If he doesn't make hard choices soon—on everything from immigration to Iran—he may be a one-term president.

Talk to Burma

Isolating Rangoon hasn’t worked. Washington should offer carrots to encourage liberal reform.

Banana Republics

The Honduran crisis is none of our business and of little importance to American interests. Why is Washington intervening?

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Why Joe Biden is more a rogue cop than a bad cop and how well does this NYPD Blue routine work anyway?

Moscow's Iran Connection

Russia and Iran have a very close relationship. To get Moscow’s help in curbing Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, we need to offer the Russians something in return.

The Three Amigos

Instead of spouting platitudes, Obama should have pressed Canada and Mexico for closer cooperation on drugs, energy and trade at the Guadalajara summit.

What Biden Should Have Said

The United States needs to be clear with Georgia that it is responsible for its behavior. Tbilisi must clean up its own messes.

Our Tin-Pot Autocrat

A year later, too many still refuse to accept that Mikheil Saakashvili behaved recklessly in his conflict with Russia.

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April 16, 2014