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Margaret Thatcher

Latter-Day Sultans

Armed with pitch-perfect talking points for the Facebook generation, a clique of fortunate sons in the Middle East is set to take over their fathers' sclerotic dictatorships. But this is not regime change. Monarchy is back.

Patient Stabilized?

Iraq may be emerging from intensive care, but it could use a bit more stitching up.

The Right Stuff

The CIA’s estimate of WMD in Iraq is in the spotlight, but it was their assessments of post-Saddam Iraq that were dead-on and deserve attention. David Ignatius highlighted Paul Pillar’s story of how the agency

Living Dangerously, Georgian-Style

In a new blog post, TNI Publisher Dimitri K. Simes examines the ongoing crisis between Russia and Georgia—and the damage it could do to U.S.-Russian relations.

Breathing Room(1)

U.S. policy in Iraq—and elsewhere around the world—ought to be based on reality. Iraq is already a partitioned country. Recognizing that allows us to craft a strategy to salvage success.

Oil Price Warfare(1)

Winning wars in the future may depend not only on how many troops you can put into the field but for how long you can afford to pay high prices for gasoline.


Should America Help Britain Hold onto Its Colonies?

The UK faces pressure from Spain and Argentina over Gibraltar and the Falklands. 

When We Began

The twenty-first century couldn't have happened without 1979's upheavals.

Providing for the Common Defense

The House Armed Services chair on the challenges facing Congress and the United States.


In Defense of Tony Blair

Blair was a politician of conviction and substance. What more could you ask for?

Books & Reviews

Introducing Mr. Trevor-Roper

For the great historian Hugh Trevor-Roper—whose poison pen spared no ego and whose toxic overconfidence relegated him to a perpetual almost-ran—refusing to become the false prophet of a grand new theory of history was his greatest triumph.

An Officer and a Professor

The best way to master history is to live through it. Michael Howard’s Captain Professor speaks to the past and present.

T for Terrorist

Hollywood romanticizes terror - Nir Rosen exposes it.

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April 23, 2014