Mikheil Saakashvili Commentary

Misha the Magician

How President Mikheil Saakashvili came back from the political dead to be undisputed leader (and burgeoning autocrat?) of Georgia.

Unparliamentary Language in Tbilisi

Georgia's newly adopted constitution is just a ploy to increase President Mikheil Saakashvili's grip on power.

The Bumpy Road between Moscow and Tbilisi

Can Georgia block Russia's WTO membership?

Does the Reset Have a Future?

A chill has resurfaced in relations between Moscow and Washington. Is the "reset" a two-way street, or just a tactic to get Russia to do America's bidding?

Spies and Politicians

U.S. domestic politics played a role in the recent spy drama.

The Secret Agent Brouhaha

Washington and Moscow shouldn’t let this dramatized spy ordeal affect relations.

Spies Among Us

Moscow should be grateful that the arrest of ten alleged Russian spies brought an end to a costly and ineffective government program.

Bad Clients

The Ahmed Chalabi fiasco is just the latest chapter in America’s long history of being duped by foreign political actors.

Poking the Bear

America shouldn’t be arming Georgia—it just increases our chances of conflict with Russia.

Tbilisi's Charade

Georgia is not a perfect democracy. Why do so many American politicians think it is?

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April 24, 2014