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Nikolas K. Gvosdev


Francis Fukuyama, Ian Rainey, Mike Roskin, Gary Schmitt, George Modelski, John M. Owen, IV, Eric Chenoweth, Kenneth Minogue and Max Singer.

Keeping Terror Out

If gardeners and housemaids can cross our porous borders, so can Al-Qaeda operatives.

Let Iraq Collapse

February 28, 1996 marked the fifth anniversary of the U.


Little Hope for Substance from G-8 Summit

Scandals, and Putin, stand in the way of major developments.

Ghosts of Iraq

Both sides of the Syria intervention debate are haunted by the last big war.

Moscow's Foreign Policies

Russia's foreign policy isn't schizophrenic, especially when it comes to Iran.

Books & Reviews

Return of the "Commie-Nazis"

Fascism did not die with Hitler and Mussolini in World War II. As recent events show, understanding what fascism means in the 21st century is a lesson worth learning. 

Revivalism, Shi‘a Style

Energized Shi‘a represent a powerful challenge to Sunni extremism and jihadism.

How to Fight Terrorism

Radical Islam is its own worst enemy. It will marginalize itself unless the United States overreacts.

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April 16, 2014