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Dollars & Sense

Pundits across the political spectrum have been busy making pronouncements about the “real” financial and political costs of the war in Iraq. Most of them are just blowing smoke. In TNI’s Realist, Grover Norquist and Dov Zakheim separate fact from


From Putin With Love

Thanks to Mr. Putin, Washington has been given another chance to demonstrate the leadership that President Obama insists is America’s unique burden and responsibility.

Obama's Syria Policy Not Off the Hook Yet

Tonight's speech will be a lot easier—but a Syria solution is still not forthcoming.

Smart Wars Don't Need Selling

Roosevelt didn't need a marketing campaign after Pearl Harbor, and he didn't have to schedule his speech around Monday Night Football.


Assad's Uncertain Departure Path

Why actively seeking regime change in Syria would ruin Obama.

Exposing Netanyahu

Netanyahu brings his swagger, lectures and lies right into the Oval Office itself.

The Relevance of Structural Realism for Policymakers

Obama's foreign policy would benefit from looking past the Thomas Friedmans of the world.

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April 23, 2014