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Paul Kennedy

Spengler's Ominous Prophecy

An interbellum German intellectual's work is a powerful warning to Americans about the perils of our interventionist foreign-policy trajectory.

Empire Falls

The United States is in unprecedented decline. Future generations will look back at the past decade as the beginning of the end of American hegemony.

A User's Guide to the Century

Jeffrey Sachs explains why the new world order of the twenty-first century is crisis-prone.

Israel and Arab Democracy

George W. Bush believes that democracy in the Arab world is the key to security. All in due time, says Ariel Sharon.

Going Critical

Long before the American Empire becomes overstretched abroad, it will implode economically at home.

An Empire, If You Can Keep It

An empire is functionally distinct from a mere great power. If the United States adopts an imperial vocation, it will need to learn new ways to manage its national security challenges.


There is Only Us:The Dennis Kucinich Vision For Enduring World Peace

As the Bush Administration was busy bullying the UN Security Council into supporting its Iraq war resolution in the fall of 2002, the satirical newspaper The Onion ran a spoof headline: "Bush Seeks U.

Books & Reviews

An Officer and a Professor

The best way to master history is to live through it. Michael Howard’s Captain Professor speaks to the past and present.

Neo-Conspiracy Theories

There is much room for debate on the soundness of neoconservative policies. But a serious assessment of neocons and their role in the Bush Administration is a necessary starting point.

Banal and Dubious

Pedestrian books can sometimes serve salutary purposes.

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April 20, 2014