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Peter Beinart

The Ethics of Realism

Hans Morgenthau and Reinhold Niebuhr--the fathers of American realism--understood that good intentions do not excuse failure.


The Assault on Chuck Hagel

The straw man polemics of the Nebraskan's critics shouldn't stop Obama from nominating him.

How the GOP Lost National Security

Republicans abandoned Reagan's optimistic pragmatism for their own brand of idealism.

Partisans, Reviewed

Lawrence Kaplan’s departure from World Affairs is a worrying sign that intellectuals are focusing on petty sectarian feuds instead of explaining the great issues of our time.


Peter Beinart Says America Should Boycott the West Bank

Beinart's op-ed reflects mounting U.S. concern with Netanyahu's policies and sheds light on a topic the Israeli PM would prefer to keep in the dark.

The Destruction of America

America's infrastructure is crumbling. Will Americans' ingenuity and nerves be next?

Books & Reviews

Beinart's Quest to Save Zionism

How can an Israeli PM mobilize U.S. politicians against a U.S. president committed to Israeli interests? Beinart's provocative answer: U.S. Jewish leaders commandeered Jewish organizations and turned them into agencies for Likud interests.

Punditry at the Drive-Thru

Peter Beinart's books represent the intellectual equivalent of what nutritionists call the empty-calorie principle.

Kennan, Character and Country

John Lukacs offers an intimate portrait of one of America's great strategists in George Kennan.

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April 23, 2014