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Ranjit Singh

The Pakistani Pivot

On September 10, 2001, Pakistan was a country of secondaryinterestto the United States.

Paradise Lost: The Ordeal of Kashmir

The tortured history of the Princely State, one which may be today's ground zero in Asia.


Ignoring India

President Bush strengthened our ties with New Delhi. Obama, however, has made some gaffes that put the improved relationship in jeopardy.

Envoys to Nowhere

Despite the excitement surrounding Obama’s selection of Richard Holbrooke and George Mitchell as peace envoys, it’s very unlikely that anything will change in the Middle East or south Asia.

The Indispensable Ally

The Mumbai attacks highlighted Pakistan’s shortcomings as an ally in the war on terror. But Islamabad is far too important to leave by the wayside.

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April 23, 2014