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Ratko Mladic

Dayton, Bosnia, and the Limits of Law

The Dayton Accord presumes that the UNSC has the legal authority to act in cases of internal conflict and that the international legal order of separate states allows a community of nations to enforce international law.

Trop de Zle

Lord Owen is one of those many unfortunates who, in the period of terminal decline of the British Empire, was sent off to sup with devils, equipped only with an undersized spoon.

Into the Shooting Gallery

Putting NATO at risk in order to carry out a dubious mission in Bosnia, for the sake of repaired reputation and not real interests, constitutes a political gamble of the first order.

Bosnia and the West: A Study in Failure

The Western world's reaction to the destruction of Bosnia has been a triumph of diplomacy. A triumph, that is, of diplomacy over foreign policy.

America and Bosnia

 The American government badly needs to break the mold it has set for   itself and pledge its power to a definitive settlement.


Hillary's Balkan "Experience"

Hillary Clinton claims she has “experience” in the Balkans. Only problem is, her husband's administration badly mishandled the Kosovo War of 1999.

Stabilizing Serbia

As world leaders prepare to gather in Germany for the G-8 summit, Serbia and Kosovo are bound to be high on the agenda.

Books & Reviews

China's Power Paradox

China has striven to moderate at least the appearence of its global ambitions.

Europe's New Narrative

Why the Cold War was so instrumental in Europe's success.

How to Fight Terrorism

Radical Islam is its own worst enemy. It will marginalize itself unless the United States overreacts.

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April 24, 2014