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Robert D. Kaplan

America's Default Foreign Policy

Humanitarian interventions have become the reflex position in Washington. But the American public is more nationalistic and more skeptical of foreign do-goodery. Could a reckoning be at hand?

Spengler's Ominous Prophecy

An interbellum German intellectual's work is a powerful warning to Americans about the perils of our interventionist foreign-policy trajectory.

Responses to Fukuyama

Harvey Mansfield, E.O. Wilson, Gertrude Himmelfarb, Robin Fox, Robert J. Samuelson and Joseph S. Nye

Realism and Its Rivals

To see realist strategies adopted even as they are denounced would be, in our view, no small success.


The Morality of Kissinger's Realism

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Henry Kissinger produced more moral outcomes than his idealistic enemies.

Arc of Crisis 2.0?

Iran and Pakistan have similar strategies, so the United States and India might learn from one another.

Kaplan and Mearsheimer: The Power of Realism

Robert Kaplan's new piece on John Mearsheimer is a testament to realism and a manifesto on lively political discourse.

Books & Reviews

The Revenge of Kaplan's Maps

Kaplan explores the potent role of geography in shaping the survival instincts and geopolitical sensibilities of nations and peoples in The Revenge of Geography.

Kaplan's War

Robert Kaplan advocates a pagan ethos for American statesmen in the 21st century, but not all pagans think alike.

Things Fall Apart, Review of Robert Kaplan's The Ends of the Earth: A Journey at the Dawn of the 21st Century

Kaplan has interesting things to say about what it is like to travel by public conveyances and rub shoulders with ordinary, common people in some of the earth's poorest and most stressful human environments.

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April 24, 2014