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Doctrinal Faith

Unflinching loyalty to the Bush Doctrine leads Robert Kaufman astray in his study of American foreign policy—and Truman, Reagan and Bush do not make a three-of-kind.

Revivalism, Shi‘a Style

Energized Shi‘a represent a powerful challenge to Sunni extremism and jihadism.

Botching Iran

With regards to Tehran, it is America that has been the constant bungler.

China's Power Paradox

China has striven to moderate at least the appearence of its global ambitions.

Russia's Straight-Talk Express

Yevgeny Primakov hates to say "I told you so", but....

A Champion for the Bourgeoisie

A fictional 19th-century detective disdains Russia's intelligentsia and preaches a bourgeois sermon on virtue and responsible citizenship to Russia's nascent middle class.

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April 20, 2014