Robert Gates Commentary

Going South in Afghanistan

Obama’s plan for Afghanistan is the right idea, but directed at the wrong place. Instead of sending troops to Taliban strongholds, we should bulk up Kabul’s defenses.

Carter's Heir?

Obama’s foreign-policy team has some conflicting personalities. Can he manage his deputies effectively? Or will his administration collapse from infighting?

Competence Over Ideology

Obama seems to be leaning toward restraint on the domestic front. But the appointment of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state has many wondering if prudence will be the guiding light in Obama’s foreign policy.

Kabul Goes Tribal

The best way to solve insurgency issues in Afghanistan is to adopt policies that succeeded in Iraq—work with local tribal leaders instead of nation building.

NATO's Drug Problem

NATO's new war on drugs in Afghanistan will put troops in greater danger for a venture that may not even work. It just might be the straw that breaks the alliance's back.

The Mad Matron

While Joe Biden was a smooth talking elder statesman, Sarah Palin laid down the law—and her house rules are a little frightening.

Staying on the Job?

America’s problems will not go away after the election. The winner in November should consider keeping Robert Gates on to help with the transition.

The U.S. Shoots its Dog

The United States should talk to Russia, not continue with abrasive—and ineffective—posturing.

NATO's New Rival

There is a new counterweight to NATO. The crisis in Georgia has brought balancing back.

Charting a Strait Course

The Bush administration hasn’t done enough to maintain the precarious military balance between China and Taiwan. Will the next president be the same, or instead seize an opportunity to improve Beijing-Taipei relations?

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April 20, 2014