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Ron Paul

A Critique of Pure Gold

With Republicans eyeing a return to the gold standard, TNI presents a piece from its archives on tea partiers looking to push the government out of the monetary-policy-making business.


Bob Corker's Challenge on Capitol Hill

The new ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee has kept a low profile.

The Collapse of the Fiat System

All fiat currencies eventually go to zero value, and usually they do it in less than forty years. We now are in year forty-one.

GOP Foreign-Policy Debate: America on the March

Guns blazing, the Republican hopefuls talk Iran, AfPak, Syria and more. One has to wonder what kinds of crises would unfold if one of these candidates were to become president.


Recalculating Romney’s 4 Percent Gimmick

Romney should be compelled to answer the question on everyone’s mind: Where is he going to get the money to fund his Pentagon spending binge?

Why Are The Republican Candidates Bashing China?

No doubt China will be a competitor. The GOP hopefuls would also make it an adversary.

The GOP Foreign Affairs Debate

How often can the GOP thunder about appeasement before it starts to lose credibility?

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April 17, 2014