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The DNA Code of Civilization, Review of John Hale's The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance

The DNA Code of Civilization, Review of John Hale's TheCivilization of Europe in the Renaissance (New York: HarperCollins, 1994).

Policing the Golan? No

American and Israeli officials say they expect U.

A State of Mind

It is now possible to discuss the domestic political scene very adequately with no, or only the most cursory, reference to foreign policy.

The Future of Intelligence

Within hours of the arrest of CIA officer Aldrich Ames for espionage, unnamed agency officials were telling reporters that Ames was a drunk and a mediocre case officer.

On Reading My Stasi Files

Two years ago I applied to the German government to see my file, in order to find out exactly what the Stasi thought I was doing. After a delay of a year and a half permission was finally given.

Asia-Pacific: The Case for Geopolitical Optimism

Uncertainties concerning the nature of the emerging international order are nowhere greater than in the vast region of the Asia-Pacific.

Defending the Lucky Country

The conundrums of Australian strategy are long-term concerns, and ones of which the Australians are quite aware. With regard to defense policy, as with other aspects of its national existence, Australia remains the lucky country, but one whose luc

The Culture of War

Books by John Keegan and Bruce Porter attempt to address the broad question of the role of war in history.

Out of Control: The Crisis in Civil-Military Relations

The U.S. military is now more alienated from its civilian leadership than at any time in American history, and more vocal about it.

Birds of a Feather

Bosnia and Haiti, Somalia and North Korea .

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April 16, 2014