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Samantha Power

Samantha and Her Subjects

The prophet armed, Samantha Power, has now drafted Obama into her crusade against mass slaughter. Liberal hawks and neocons, reunited. Make way for a profound foreign-policy transformation.


Syria: World Sees Way Out in Lavrov Proposal

Caught between Obama's interventionism and Putin's defense of national sovereignty über alles, an international solution is attractive to many.

High Time for an Obama Syria Strategy

Without a grand vision for America's role in the Middle East, the anti-Assad intervention will only suck us in deeper.

McCain's UN Charter Confusion

Article 52 doesn't allow regional organizations like NATO to intervene at whim.

Books & Reviews

The Hagiography of Mr. Holbrooke

Richard “The Bulldozer” Holbrooke left a deep mark on U.S. foreign policy. Yet this collection of essays by his friends and admirers, which gushes with praise, leaves out significant elements of the story.

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April 24, 2014