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Santiago de Compostela

Beyond American Hegemony

The United States should abandon its futile attempt to secure global hegemony in favor of a concert-of-power foreign-policy strategy.

Why Anglos Lead

It's no accident of history that Anglo societies dominate the world order.

I Dream of Empire

Empires have always inspired American imagination, for good and for ill.

The Present Opportunity

We still live in a dangerous world, but the tenure of U.S. primacy depends less on reacting to threats than on pursuing the opportunities before us.

Bonn Voyage: Kyoto's Uncertain Revival

While the Bonn Conference revived an ailing global warming agreement, Kyoto's flaws render it a questionable approach to the longest of long-term politics.

America at the Apex

American pre-eminence poses hard questions. Thus far, the leaders of the post-Cold War generation have proven unable to answer them.

Books & Reviews

America Under the Caesars

Anti-interventionists allege our leaders traded a strong, austere republic for a weak and sprawling empire predicated on a military might that could not match our own ambitions. This narrative negates real threats and real victories.

Imperialism: the Highest Stage of American Capitalism?

Andrew Bacevich's American Empire is really two books in one: one quite good, the other quite inexplicable.

But the Patient Died

The death of the Ottoman Empire was a case of suicide, not homicide.

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April 16, 2014