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Shimon Peres

If Israel Attacks

As things stand, if Iran continues on its path toward obtaining the bomb, Israel will strike, and the consequences would be disastrous for the entire world. Here's how America can convince Israel to live with a nuclear Iran.

The Wild East

Sinking into poverty amid its natural riches, Vladivostok is almost totally controlled by organized crime.

Tradition Abandoned: America's Military in a New Era

American civil-military relations will remain vexed for some time.

After Hebron

In the wake of the Hebron agreement, the imperative for Israel (and the United States) has been to formulate a coherent strategy for the next phase.

Gone to the Lake: Republicans and Foreign Policy

In a July 1995 speech before an enraptured audience assembled atWashington's Center for Strategic and International Studies, HouseSpeaker Newt Gingrich addressed the broad issues of post-Cold WarU.


Turkey's Israel-Palestine Opportunity

After several years of diplomatic setbacks, Kerry's peace bid offers a chance for Ankara to get back in the game.

Israel-Turkey Reconciliation Still Remote

The phone call between Erdogan and Netanyahu won't stop a trend of increasing tension.

Israel Loses an Envoy

Ehud Barak was more than a mere defense minister. His departure will see shifts at home and abroad.

Books & Reviews

The Road to Damascus . . .

Itamar Rabinovich's The Brink of Peace is a masterly chronicle of the Syrian-Israeli peace negotiations of 1993-96, in which Israel and Syria--and America--once staked so much hope.

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April 17, 2014