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Slobodan Milosevic

American Jihad

Al-Qaeda has accomplished the unthinkable: establishing an embryonic recruitment, radicalization and operational capacity on our shores. Our current strategy risks another 9/11.

Notes from the Balkans

The United States should not balk at getting more deeply involved in the volatile Balkans: a well-crafted foreign policy could yield real results.

Oil Price Warfare(1)

Winning wars in the future may depend not only on how many troops you can put into the field but for how long you can afford to pay high prices for gasoline.

Oil Price Warfare

War with Iran does not appear imminent and the prospect has not been a hot electoral issue. But Howard explains why war with oil-producing nations will likely be wholly unanticipated.

Principles and Interests

In a volatile region of the world like South Asia, principled realism, not sloganeering, should guide U.S. policy.

A Difficult Country: Pakistan and the Case for Developmental Realism

There are no textbook solutions for the problems of a country like Pakistan--but a creative approach can go a long way.


Syria: The Search for a Precedent

Kosovo and Operation Desert Fox are cited, yet Grenada is a better analogue.

Syria and the Albright Syndrome

What do we hope to accomplish?

Syria and the Kosovo Precedent

Those who look to NATO's 1999 attack on Serbia as an example of how to handle Syria err.

Books & Reviews

Qutb and the Jews

The conventional wisdom says Sayyid Qutb is the forefather of modern-day Islamic fundamentalism. What is less known is how the thinker's intense anti-Semitism and contempt for female sexuality contributed to this vulgar worldview.

China's Power Paradox

China has striven to moderate at least the appearence of its global ambitions.

Europe's New Narrative

Why the Cold War was so instrumental in Europe's success.

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April 19, 2014