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Viktor Yanukovich

The Regime Change We Need

Democracy fatigue threatens choose-your-color revolutions. Transparency of the executive can revitalize enthusiasm.


How Ukraine Might Blow Its Historic Opportunity

Kiev has a chance to move toward the European Union, but its political closure could prevent that.

The Reset Blooms

The Obama administration's "reset" with Russia has produced results. But can it last?

The Sodomy Trial of Anwar Ibrahim

The trial of Anwar Ibrahim threatens to tear apart Malaysia's much-needed opposition movement.


Pushing Ukraine Back to the Soviet Union?

Harsh criticism and pushy moves by the European Union could send Kiev running back into Moscow's arms.

Euro 2012 and the Price of Repression

The Ukranian president's ruthless tactics are isolating what should be a leading Eastern European nation.

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April 20, 2014