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Winston Churchill

The Importance of Being Winston

The British Bulldog's unique ability to win Stalin's respect and trust in August 1942 proved that great national leadership matters.

Unintelligent Design

In the wake of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Americans cried out for catharsis. The 9/11 Commission delivered. What we are left with is an ill-conceived bureacracy in the guise of reform.

A Time to Appease

Appeaser! The worst insult to emerge from our political lexicon. As America grapples with exhausting overseas commitments, bringing our might to bear will require a new sort of History lesson.

American Jihad

Al-Qaeda has accomplished the unthinkable: establishing an embryonic recruitment, radicalization and operational capacity on our shores. Our current strategy risks another 9/11.

On War and Choice

It has long been said that there are wars of necessity and wars of choice. But enemies always adapt, especially in our world of terrorists, failing states and delinquent regimes. Every war is a war of choice.

The Kremlin Begs To Differ

One doesn’t need to be a Russian domestic radical or a foreign Russophobe to see major flaws in the way Russia is ruled. The population, however, is satisfied with the status quo...for now.


A Better Syria Option: Cyber War

It's time to unsheath America's newest weapon.

Clapper's Bodyguard of Lies

Clumsy Congressional questioning squeezed the Director of National Intelligence into a dangerous corner.

How to Go Gold

Is it time to turn back?


The Destruction of America

America's infrastructure is crumbling. Will Americans' ingenuity and nerves be next?

Before You Pack . . .

Greece may be turning into a Petri dish of homegrown terrorism.

George Will's Unrealism

Netanyahu as Churchill? I think not.

Books & Reviews

Roosevelt and His Diplomatic Pawns

FDR masterfully maneuvered the United States into the Second World War without appearing to do so. His corps of envoys and advisers did little to shape the agenda of a strategic and political mastermind.

Revising the Cold War Revisionists

Yes, the Soviets really were that bad.

The Willing Misinterpreter

Despite Goldhagen's extraordinary claims, he himself concedes in his unwittingly revealing afterword that he is not presenting much in the way of original research.

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April 20, 2014