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Xi Jinping

U.S., China and Thucydides

How can Washington and Beijing avoid typical patterns of distrust and fear?

Beware Collusion of China, Russia

U.S. policies have created a risk of pushing two great powers together.

China's Nationalist Heritage

Chinese leaders have reverted to a pre-Communist ideology of national rejuvenation. This could complicate foreign affairs.


Implementing the Chinese Dream

A senior Chinese official lays out Beijing's goals abroad under Xi Jinping

G-20: Long Shadow Hangs Over U.S.-Russia Relations

A cancelled bilateral meeting was a blunder—can the two leaders move forward?

Syria Intervention: Anticipating Russia's Response

Direct opposition (outside the Security Council) will be minimal. But indirect replies could be unpleasant for America.


Xi Jinping’s Reconnaissance Visit

The Chinese heir apparent's visit was little more than polite, get-acquainted diplomacy. And that's a good thing.

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April 16, 2014