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Deepwater Horizon

The Macondo oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico is about to spur a bureaucratic overreaction that will ruin America's chance at becoming an energy exporter.

Tithing at the Crude Altar

Let the market rule. As oil sources from the Western Hemisphere begin to dry up, we will increasingly turn to dictatorships for our supplies. But we shouldn't shackle ourselves to nefarious governments.

Oil Dependence As Virtue

In short, a world that doesn't need oil may also be a world that doesn't need the United States.

Running on Empty

We may well need to be worried, we're running out of gas while choosing the next president to sit in the driver's seat.

Smoke and Mirrors

David Victor's article "What Resource Wars?" has created quite a stir. Now Victor responds to his critics.

A Pipeline Runs Through It

With Russia in the driver’s seat on energy issues, Europe should worry about running on empty. For more on the Russian elections, the internal state of the country and Vladimir Putin's nomination of a successor, check out our


Shale Revolution Not So Simple

More oil at home won't necessarily improve the U.S. position abroad.


The breakup of the global potash cartel is a reminder that new energy sources could create a crisis of the oil order.

How Shale Energy Reshapes American Security

The United States will be less vulnerable to foreign crises, but it will gain new liabilities.

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Riding the Tiger

Preventing the spread of atomic weaponry is less in our control than we think.

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April 24, 2014