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Petroleum industry

The Fading Arab Oil Empire

Major developments in the oil sector are decisively undermining the once-defining role of the Middle East in the global energy market. The region’s potency in global affairs is on the wane, making Obama’s pivot to East Asia well-timed.

Running on Empty

We may well need to be worried, we're running out of gas while choosing the next president to sit in the driver's seat.

What Resource Wars?

Classic resource wars are good material for Hollywood screenwriters. They rarely occur in the real world.

Beijing's Bolivarian Venture

China’s growing involvement in Venezuela is a direct threat to U.S. security. Why trouble is brewing in our own backyard.


The New Face of Energy Insecurity

A wave of cyberattacks on energy companies endangers the American economy.

The Politics of Oil

The oil industry once again finds itself in the familiar, but unpleasant, position of being the focus of controversy, investigations, political attacks, vilification and public indignation.

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April 16, 2014